Commitment to Quality: Our Journey to ISO, 19 Years and Running

Commitment to Quality: Our Journey to ISO, 19 Years and Running

ISO qualityCommitment to Quality – this is something we take very seriously at DAVIS. We focus on quality in our service, quality in our process working with clients and candidates, quality in our internal systems and quality as a value our entire team embraces. Our dedication to quality began 19 years ago with our journey to voluntarily becoming an ISO certified staffing company.

ISO is the abbreviation for International Organization for Standards, an organization that develops and publishes standards for businesses to adhere to, showing a commitment to quality, process and expectation. Our certificate is ISO 9001:2008, which is an International Quality Management System Standard with specific requirements. These requirements show customers an ability to consistently provide a product or service to meet specifications, enhancing customer satisfaction and paving the way for continual improvement. Many manufacturing companies maintain ISO standards to ensure and demonstrate quality in their products and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Less than 5% of all staffing and recruiting services worldwide are ISO certified. 

To get certified, DAVIS had to document all of our processes and procedures. That doesn’t sound so hard, but as you can imagine not everyone does a process the exact same way. Getting it all down on paper, re-writing, fine-tuning it and then having people standardize their work methods took time. It took us over 6 months to get our original certification, and now we work hard to maintain it every year.

ISO isn’t the only way we are dedicated to Quality. Last year we launched our Internal Quality Committee – a team of representatives from all aspects of our business including recruiters, sales, HR, finance, IT, marketing and support. This team is divided into 3 service area groups – our Candidates, our Customers and our Internal Staff.  Each team is tasked with evaluating and driving initiatives that improve our quality levels to their constituent base. From surveys, appreciation events, work flow redesigns and increased communication tools, these teams are focused on improving our interactions and experiences with each of these groups.  This is driven independently of our senior leadership team. Some initiatives require a level of management approval but this team has the autonomy to suggest and make changes.

Remember, continuous improvement is critical to the entire DAVIS staff and our focus on improving our processes and our dedication to quality are a cornerstone of our business environment. Does your company have a quality initiative? Tell us about it below or Tweet us @TheDavisCos.