Interview Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer


It’s an interview rule to take time prior to an interview to research a company and come up with a few questions to ask the interviewers. Of course companies want to see how much effort you took into knowing the organization’s background, products and/or services, and overall structure. However, there is some information that is […]

5 Areas to Focus on for a Healthy Fall

5 Areas to Focus on for a Healthy Fall

Fall is here and winter is coming. We can already feel the chill in the air in the northeast. Soon, we’ll be waking up before sunrise and getting home after sunset, making the days seem longer. That is why it is important to cultivate a healthy mind and body this time of year! Here are […]

Join Us for a Job Interview Workshop – Interviewing is Scary

interviewing is scary workshop

Avoid Getting Spooked & Knock Your Interview Out of the Park The fear factor is real when it comes to interviewing for a job. It’s natural to feel anxiety – someone is about to scrutinize your appearance, mannerisms, what you say, and how you say it. But you can overcome your nerves! Join us on […]

Candidates Are People – Not Revenue

candidates are people

After being in the engineering staffing services industry for over 11 years, I have met countless recruitment professionals and even more qualified candidates across the country and across various skillsets. You know that you are speaking to a good Recruiter when the successes they discuss are centered around helping the folks around them, as opposed […]

Make Eye Contact, Smile, and Say Hello

Make eye contact smile and say hello

Have you ever walked to a meeting or the restroom and passed a coworker who literally avoided eye contact? This is very common in today’s world of looking at cell phones and being passive to human interaction. But it still confuses me why this is the new norm.