Why Strong Leadership Is Key to Success

Throughout history, successful leaders have been the key to great achievements and inspiring others. Whether it was a pioneering entrepreneur starting a business or an influential figure leading a country, their leadership qualities have served as both motivation and guidance to those who followed them.   Studies conducted by Zippia have revealed that US businesses invest […]

Threats to Cybersecurity: Only 30% of Companies Plan to Fight Back

Threats to Cybersecurity: Only 30% of Companies Plan to Fight Back

Security risk and data breaches have become a growing global issue as cyber criminals rampantly steal and sell sensitive data and privacy. Financial institutions are some of the most targeted by cyber attacks, with over 254 million leaked records in 2022. The World Economic Forum also reported that cybercrime could reach USD10.5 trillion by 2025. […]

Edge Computing in 2023: Trends and Breakthroughs

Edge Computing in 2023: Trends and Breakthroughs

As more and more data come to life, the storage and processing of it can overwhelm systems. Here is where Edge computing comes in, which is experiencing a comeback and growth in usage. The popularity of cloud servers has made on-prem set-ups take a back seat. Cloud computing is convenient and has its own merits. […]

5 Tips on Finding a New Job in 2021

In my role, I get connected with many people looking for work (it’s one of my favorite parts of the job).  Unfortunately, sometimes my network isn’t strong enough in their particular industry or profession to be of personal assistance.  However, knowing what I know about getting hired, the least I can do is share some […]

Communicating in a Global Pandemic

Although I find myself occasionally feeling like the life we are living, and the reality of our day to day is a new normal – we are still in the midst of a Global Pandemic. So how are HR Professionals managing to maintain any level of normalcy in this not so normal world?

Building Relationships

Recently at DAVIS, we have started to really talk about what relationships mean to us and their effect on our day to day interactions. We all know the meaning of ‘Relationship’ and the need to have a positive relationship because of the effect is has on our lives, be it personal or professional, but what […]