Rebuilding a Metals Manufacturer Team

Rebuilding a Metals Manufacturer Team

The Dilemma

DAVIS’ client, a national metals manufacturer and wholesale distributer, was experiencing high turnover in their sheet metal stamping department and having trouble retaining talent. Their stamping machines were sitting idle, draining costs and the instability was starting to weigh on company morale. With a limited talent pool and difficult to fill manufacturing positions, their current staffing vendors were puzzled.

The Solution

Being a consultative partner, we kicked things off by meeting face-to-face with the stamp management team to fully immerse ourselves in the company’s culture. In a weeks time, we evaluated their current staffing programs and hiring processes, assessed the completive landscape, and used our labor market insights to get the root cause of their turnover – our clients payrates needed to be adjusted. Based on workforce expertise, DAVIS suggested an appealing wage rate competitive to the area’s top employers. The wage increase helped to attract the caliber of talent our client was looking for. DAVIS’ advanced manufacturing team went on to source, screen, hire, and onboard 18 technically trained professionals for the stamping department, systematically rebuilding their team.

The Impact

A Stabilized Workforce: DAVIS prides itself on being Talent Advisors in every sense of the word. Using our workforce expertise, we were able to provide a strategic solution resulting in increased efficiency, increased productivity and improved employee retention. 90% of the professionals that were hired on a contingent basis have now converted to permanent roles and other departments within the organization have enlisted DAVIS’ staffing services.

DAVIS Staffed 50% Of the Clients Manufacturing Positions Including:

  • Plant Managers
  • Machine Operators
  • Material Handlers
  • Maintenance Mechanics
  • Quality Lab Technicaians
  • Quality Technicians
  • Machinists

35 New Hires

Turnover Reduced from 55% to 30% in 8 weeks

Improved Employee Satisfaction

90% Conversion Rate

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