National Robotics Manufacturer Integrated Three New Technical Teams

National Robotics Manufacturer Integrated Three New Technical Teams

Executive Summary

Our world renowned robotics client was facing first generation product limitations and aggressive product development deadlines. The DAVIS Companies helped strategically staff a Software team, a Mechanical Engineering team and Supply Chain team, to streamline our clients processes and advance their product capabilities, resulting in faster, more accurate robots all within the clients budget.

About Our Client

A leading innovator in the robotics industry, our client helps manufacturers meet the challenges of an agile economy with an integrated workforce, combining trainable, safe and cost-effective robots with skilled labor.

The Business Challenge

Our client was experiencing product quality issues due to lack of internal resources. As a venture & private equity funded company, they were also facing assertive development deadlines. They were challenged with how to meet these demanding production levels while improving the quality and efficiency of their product and processes and staying within budget constraints.

The Solution

After conducting a thorough on-site analysis, the DAVIS management team assessed where and what resources our client was lacking and developed a strategic plan to address quality, process and budget. This tailored proposal entailed building 3 highly talented, functional teams to address each area of concern/our clients limitations. Over the course of 6 months, DAVIS’ specialized technical recruitment team constructed, from the ground up, an SQA team, a Mechanical Engineering Team and a Supply Chain Team. The SQA team worked to fix the software functionality and ensure processes, methodologies and requirements were all being met. The mechanical engineering team used complex electromechanical systems to identify new components with advanced capabilities for faster speed and increased range of motion for the next generation of robots. The Supply Chain Team, consisting of buyers, planners, NPI/Engineering buyers and commodity managers helped source low-cost regional supplies to open up a new economical regional supplier network.

The Results

The implementation of these technical teams has allowed our client to streamline their manufacturing, production, inventory and supply chain processes. This customized staffing solution helped them to address their limited resources, meet their aggressive product deadlines and set them up for future growth. The robots are now being built more accurately with increased speed and advanced functionality.

Skillsets Supported

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Embedded Engineers
  • Commodity Managers
  • Buyers / Planners

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