Long-Term Manufacturing Client Needed Help Breaking Into Emerging Markets

Long-Term Manufacturing Client Needed Help Breaking Into Emerging Markets

The Dilemma: Client Experiencing Diminishing Market Share

Operating in a hard-to-navigate manufacturing industry, our long-term client of 24 years, had come to a crossroads. After dominating the space for nearly 2 decades, increasing competition had become a factor. While demand was still on the rise, they made the ultimate decision to pivot business and focus on emerging markets. With this new vertical and a heavy investment in IT Transformation, they needed help finding new specialized talent and ensuring these roles were filled with the right people quickly and effectively.

The Solution: Davis Creates a Customized Hiring Plan

With the long standing relationship and in-depth knowledge of the space, they turned to DAVIS for help with the talent acquisition of niche, high-end technology and engineering roles. Our subject matter experts identified new talent channels to ensure clients deliverables and timelines were met. They screened and on-boarded 20+ employees in under 3 months consisting of Developers, Business System Analysts, UI/UX Developers, Front End Developers and Scrum Masters. Throughout the project quality standards were maintained and time to fill metrics were exceeded.

Results: Davis SME’s Deliver Talent on Demand

Our long-term partnership continues to mature and evolve as our clients’ needs adjust due to their ever changing market conditions. Through partnership, open dialogue and a proactive approach to total talent management, DAVIS delivered on its commitments to enhancing the process through people and technology


  • 20+ IT Transformation roles filled in under 3 months
  • Developers, Business System Analysts, UI/UX Developers and Scrum Masters.
  • A need for consistent effective hiringProject quality maintained and exceeded

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