Can’t Miss Email Tips for Today’s Professional

Can’t Miss Email Tips for Today’s Professional

Can't Miss Email Tips

If you’re a modern professional, it’s crucial to be able to effectively communicate through email. Chances are that the person you’re emailing is just as busy as you are. Making sure that the email comes across in the right way as well as getting right to the point, is the most important thing. Follow the Golden Rule and send all of your emails the way you would want to receive them. Try incorporating these tips to make sure your email is read and responded to accordingly.

Address the Email Correctly

If you’re emailing about an open position that you saw on a company’s website, you want to make sure that the email is going to the right place. While a lot of companies and organizations have general email addresses, there could easily only be one person at the receiving end of that email. Writing “To Whom it May Concern,” or “Dear Sir or Madam,” isn’t going to grab attention the same way ‘Dear Carol,” will.

Keep It Short and Sweet

To grab someone in to the conversation, keep your original email short and sweet. If you met the person at a networking event, mention it. Anything that will spark their interest and make them remember you is exactly what you want to mention in the email.

Leave No Doubt Surrounding Action Items

One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen is when people send a group email and expect something to get done without assigning specific tasks to specific people. Firstly, only include people who need to be on the email and are relevant to the project. Next, make sure that you structure your email so that there is no confusion about who needs to do what. Aimlessly blasting action items to a group is the recipe to nothing getting done, or have people doubling up on work.

Sign Off with Contact Information

When you sign off in the email, give the person a phone number you can be reached at. They have your email address, but sometimes a phone call is much better for connecting.

Before you hit send on your next email, double check that you’ve incorporated all of these points. What other email tips can you recommend? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheDavisCos.

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