Boosting your Remote Team’s Morale & Engagement

Boosting your Remote Team’s Morale & Engagement

Maintaining your team’s morale and engagement levels while working remotely can be challenging. You lack the face-to-face interactions at the office that let you know how your employees feel about work each day or the direction the company is taking. It also is hard to understand whether your staff members are absorbed in their tasks, enthusiastic about their work, and taking action to further the company’s interests. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to monitor your remote team and take action when morale and engagement seem to be down.

Maintain Team Connections

Stay connected with your remote employees so they know you are there for them. This may include holding additional one-to-ones to talk about their goals, deadlines, progress, and any issues or concerns they may have. Be sure to focus on non-work-related topics as well, such as family members, hobbies, stress levels, and mental and emotional health. Demonstrating an interest in your staff members’ personal lives shows you care about them as people and helps maintain your relationships. Make sure you use videoconferencing as much as possible so you see each other’s facial expressions and body language. This helps your staff feel more comfortable and reassured that you care for their well-being.

Implement Employee Feedback

Encourage your team to provide input on their experience working remotely. They may find more efficient and effective ways to communicate, collaborate, and finish their work. Or, there may be an issue affecting the team or company that needs to be addressed. Be sure to talk with your employees for more information when needed. Let them know why you are or are not taking action on an issue so they know their opinions are valued and respected.

Communicate Company News

Keep your remote team informed about what is happening with the company and how it impacts the organization. For instance, let your employees know about the changes that are occurring, even if they are adverse. Everyone will feel better knowing you are being transparent with the information you have. Also, remind each team member how their efforts and results contribute to short- and long-term business goals. This provides a purpose for each staff member to give their best each day to keep the organization moving forward.

Provide Employee Recognition

Regularly point out specific ways in which your team members’ efforts resulted in important accomplishments. This may include finishing a big project, reaching a milestone with the company, or attaining a business goal. Be sure to mention exactly what your employee set out to do, how they accomplished it, and what the benefit was for your organization. You may want to write a thank-you note, praise your team member during a meeting, or provide a bonus, raise, or promotion as a reward for their hard work.

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