Body Language Do’s & Don’ts for Your Next Job Interview

Body Language Do’s & Don’ts for Your Next Job Interview

Body Language Do’s & Don’ts for Your Next Job InterviewThere are multiple factors that employers take into account during a job interview. Those include your knowledge, preparedness, skills sets, punctuality, and body language. Each factor can be a plus or minus stacked either for or against you in the decision making process. Here are a few Do’s & Don’ts for Body Language during an interview.

The Approach starts when you step out of your car.

  • Don’t walk with your head low checking your cell phone.
  • Do stand up straight, with your head held high, and walk with confidence.

The Wait is typically in the lobby or conference room waiting for the interviewer.

  • Don’t slouch! Don’t check your cell phone!
  • Do sit up straight. Get physically and mentally prepared for the interview you are about to encounter. Treat the receptionist or “gate keeper” with the same respect as the President or CEO… after all they are the first impression.

The Greet happens when the interviewer appears.

  • Don’t jump out your chair as if you’ve desperately been waiting for this moment your entire life. Don’t give them the “limp noodle” handshake or squeeze too hard.
  • Do stand confidently, approach your interviewer and offer them an assured, firm handshake. A smile goes a long way.


  • Don’t slouch, fidget, or be distracted. Don’t excessively talk with your hands or have them folded/crossed. Slouching can be seen as lazy or even timid. Fidgeting can be construed as nervous. Excessive hand movement is distracting. Folding or crossing of arms can seem defensive or closed off. Don’t have your cell phone on or in sight.
  • Do sit up straight and make good eye contact (don’t stare). Show the interviewer you belong there, are paying attention to them, and that you are not distracted or nervous.

Any job interview is a nerve-wracking experience, and your potential employer should understand that. Follow these body language tips and you can be sure to present the best version of yourself.


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