Best Practices For Working With A Recruiter

Best Practices For Working With A Recruiter

Recruiters are here to be a resource for you and can help you find the right job quickly. They have good relationships with hiring managers and other HR professionals that can benefit you in your job search. When recruiters understand your strengths and weaknesses and what you’re really looking for in a job, they can match you to the most appropriate roles. Here are some best practices for working well with recruiters.


  • Be prepared Prepare for your first meeting with a new recruiter as thoroughly as you would any job interview. The time you spend preparing will ensure your recruiter gets all the information they need to help you in your job search
  • Make sure to have open communication – Open communication gives recruiters the tools they need to effectively represent you. Be honest about everything that impacts your job search, including your resume, any firm job requirements such as salary and benefits and your relationships with other recruiters.
  • Be available for interviews and for update calls – be available for interviews including the post interview and the interview prep call with your recruiter. When recruiters know you are reliable, they can feel more confident recommending you.
  • Hold recruiters accountable for feedback, treat them as your agent – Corresponding with your recruiters regularly makes sure they think of you whenever they find suitable roles. It is a good idea to communicate with your recruiters every two to four weeks.

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