Best Apps to Help with Your Career

Best Apps to Help with Your Career

Best Apps to Help with Your Career

In the age of technology there really is an app for everything, even for job applications. Use the fact that you can apply to jobs from your smart phone to your advantage. This allows you to browse and apply to jobs wherever you are- maybe even while on your morning commute?

With so many types of apps out there, here are the top apps that I recommend to help you out with your mobile job search.


LinkedIn is the networking app every professional should be on. You can use this app to connect with others, search jobs, look at companies, keep up to date with your industry trends. It’s everything you need for your career search in your pocket.

LinkedIn Jobs

Just like LinkedIn, this is an app for job seekers. Although you can search jobs on LinkedIn, I definitely recommend downloading the job specific app. That way you can search, save, and apply to jobs easily. You can also set up job alerts to get push notifications where there are new jobs in your field.

Indeed Jobs

Indeed is a site that’s commonly used by recruiters to scout out fresh talent. You can upload your resume, set alerts, and apply to jobs straight on the site/app. You can also save them for later and apply on the actual website!


GlassDoor is good for when you’re in the interview stage. Although you can search job openings on GlassDoor, I love using it to see salary, reviews, and common interview questions from the company. It even breaks things down by specific position which is great at a larger company!


For Millennials, apps where you can swipe right or left on something seem to be an app of choice. Jobr is like a dating app but for jobs. You can upload your resume and info. Swiping right means apply, left means pass. This is definitely the most Millennial job app I have come across.


MeetUp is not so much a job app, but a networking app. You can find community groups all over that meet for just about everything. If you’re looking for fellow marketers, tech enthusiasts, fitness lovers, a book club, or a networking meetup, you can find it all on this app!

What are your favorite apps for propelling your career to the next level? Let us know @TheDavisCos!