The Benefits of Friendly Office Competition

The Benefits of Friendly Office Competition

DSC_0540Last week a group of employees here at DAVIS decided that we are going to get our butts in shape this Fall, and created a friendly weight loss competition. This is a nine week competition ending just in time for 2015. We round tabled to create the rules, guidelines and rewards for the two biggest losers, which resulted in creating a common goal. Rule number one is we all must weigh in every Friday first morning to stay on track and be held accountable. As a group we pulled together and promised to help motivate and support one another in our fun, yet rewarding competition. Below are a few benefits of what friendly competition can bring to your team and/or office environment.

A common goal is just one of the many benefits of creating competition in the work place. As a team you are able to come together and work towards a common goal. Everyone’s opinions and ideas are taken into consideration which then makes it everyone’s goal, not just yours.

Discussing the goal and creating a competition or a contest with coworkers holds you accountable to achieving or working hard towards to goal.

When you create competition others are involved, which allows you to motivate and support one another along your journey to achieving this goal. At times you may have the coworker who throws curveballs, or leaves chocolates on your desk, but it’s all good fun and in the end everyone is in it together.

Lastly, this is a fun, and rewarding activity. It shakes up your day, sparks a drive within and opens the door to creating new relationships in the office. Don’t forget the prize or reward. To stay motivated and on track a reward or prize is always a great idea. Be creative with this! Sky’s the limit.

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