Add Flexibility to Your Life in 2017

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Add Flexibility to Your Life in 2017

Add Flexibility to Your Life in 2017

We’ve all heard the phrase “New Year, New Me”, and at some point have made a resolution or set goals. A common theme in setting a resolution or a goal is to ultimately benefit us in some way. I suggest adding flexibility to your life, and here are some areas that you can do that.

Body and Mind

Add stretching to your life! Stretching can relieve pain, help improve flexibility and posture. More importantly, it provides neurological benefits that can boost your mood and emotion.

“Stretching affects not only our muscle system but also our neurological system, which includes the operation of the brain. When you stretch, you lengthen some areas while relaxing others. The brain in turn regulates automatic functions such as heart rate and blood pressure. It secretes hormones, which act as chemical messengers to help insulin control, metabolism, mood and emotion.”

-Suzanne Martin, Physical Therapist

Your Time

A lot of us fall victim to the mindset of protecting our time, which undoubtedly will improve your activity and performance in what you do. Be flexible with your time, whether it’s to help a coworker that needs it, or just your neighbor you see struggling. Donating your time to benefit others can boost morale, personal happiness, and overall be very rewarding.

Routine or Habits

Do you have a daily routine or habits in your life that you stick to? Do they make you feel safe and good?

Try something new! Be flexible!  This may apply to so many facets of life. Try a new lunch time spot, talk to someone you normally don’t get to, do something fun. Getting outside of your comfort zone can provide learning opportunities, joy, or just get you out of a rut you’ve been stuck in.

Add flexibility to your life in 2017!