A Food Drive: Internal Competition and Helping the Community

A Food Drive: Internal Competition and Helping the Community

food drive competitionWe’re a competitive bunch in our office. We try to gamify a lot of what we do. DAVIS has high-achievers and people that grew up playing sports…the “win” is important! So, in order to guarantee that our internal events will be successful, we make it a competition. This goes for our community service programs, too.

Back to school is a time for us to fill backpacks with school supplies – we donated over 200 this year.

This September we decided to do a food drive to help our local food pantry refill its shelves; and in true DAVIS fashion we made it a contest. Every employee was randomly assigned to a team and the list of foods needed was distributed. From past contests we’ve learned that the rules need to be clear, so we decided that a box of 6 granola bars counts as 6 items. In other words, bulk shopping was encouraged!

Our teams were tasked with bringing in the most items… Canned goods, snacks, toiletries, dried goods, baked goods, condiments and more.

The trash talking got heavy. The pleas for each team to get a few more items increased, and the competition motivated people to give a bit more.

This competition is great because, in the end, no one loses. The food pantry and their clients are the real winners! And we can proud of the fact that we donated over 2000 pounds of supplies that are much needed in our local community.

Everyone at DAVIS feels good that together we can make a real difference by living our Impact Team’s motto, “Take Action, Get Involved, Make an Impact.”

Ultimately the winning team brought in over 700 items. For their efforts they get to come in 2 hours late or leave 2 hours early! Not bad.

How does your company make an Impact?

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