A Conversation with Clean Harbors, Sr Talent Acquisition Manager, Tim Therrien

A Conversation with Clean Harbors, Sr Talent Acquisition Manager, Tim Therrien

Clean Harbors is the Largest Environmental, Energy and Industrial services firm in North America. They specialize in Emergency Response Services and now they are busy specifically around decontamination services related to COVID 19.

They are hiring more than 300 employees in over 50 locations across the country. They have locations that match up with our DAVIS locations near their HQ outside Boston, outside Atlanta, South Jersey/Philadelphia, Minnesota and Memphis.

Like health care professionals and grocery workers, they are providing front line employees helping out during this time without any fanfare or media attention. That’s just who they are.

Our conversation with Tim covers several services they provide from oil spill clean ups, to outbreaks like the avian flu or anthrax situations. But we focused the conversation on the current need to provide decontamination services during the COVID-19 outbreak.

300 Immediate Job Openings

The recent outbreaks of COVID-19 have increased the need for decontamination of common interior surfaces and the safe disposal of infected materials. Clean Harbors offer the most comprehensive management and disposal of medical waste generated during the treatment of patients infected with the virus.

Employees are provided PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for each response scenario which may include Tyvek suits and respirators.

Their teams are rigorously trained, completing 40-hour courses each for HAZWOPER, Pathogens and Confined Space Entry.

Environmental Technicians or Decontamination Workers:

  • The environmental technician is responsible for the performance of tasks associated with hazardous waste clean-up, site-remediation, equipment decontamination and handling of hazardous materials. Not only is Clean Harbors day to day business thriving but due to their expertise in performing work safely, matched with their state-of-the-art equipment they have an increase in work to help with the decontamination cleanup efforts due to COVID-19.
  • Equipment they may use: pumps, vacuum equipment, oil spill boom, generators, bobcats, jack hammers, rivet-busters, air-chisels, etc. Performs emergency response activities (chemical, water or oil spills, etiological and biological contamination, tank cleaning, etc.).
  • Must be able to wear proper PPE including respirators, skin, face, hand and foot protection, etc.
  • Comfortable working around dangerous goods and potentially hazardous environments.
  • Physically demanding work, long shifts, working from heights, confined spaces, elevated noise levels and being comfortable working on-call.

To apply and learn more visit www.careers.cleanharbors.com

To listen in on our mini podcast episode, go to http://daviscos.com/beers-and-careers-podcast/

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