9 Ways to Maintain Office Morale after Labor Day Weekend

9 Ways to Maintain Office Morale after Labor Day Weekend

office moraleMy, what a summer it has been! Vacations, fun in the sun and time off of work has everyone in a more relaxed, refreshed state of mind. With summer winding to an end and businesses ramping up for a strong finish, workloads and stress levels will inevitably be on the rise in the weeks and months following Labor Day. What does this all mean?

Your office morale might be in jeopardy! I challenge you to do these 9 things to make your office a happier place.

1.) Smile

Honestly, just be nice and share a big, wide, toothy smile with everyone you see and for no reason whatsoever.

2.) Be positive

Choose to be positive despite the negativity that swirls around you. I’m not saying ignore the negativity, just don’t let it suck you in.

3.) Pay someone a compliment

Actually go ahead and pay out 10 compliments. Compliments are free and, when genuinely conveyed, can truly change someone’s day.

4) Listen and care when you ask the question, “How are you?'”

Take an extra minute to hear their response and notice their demeanor. They might have more to say than “fine.”

5.) Help someone

Don’t just make an empty offer to help, really step up and do something. Everyone needs help in some way and many are afraid to ask or embarrassed to accept, so just do it.

6.) Say thank you

No workplace runs without people helping one another, and for the people that help you! Make sure you’re appreciative to your colleagues for all that they do.

7.) Laugh and infuse fun into your day

Don’t just surf YouTube for videos of people or animals doing stupid things; instead find a few minutes to be silly the old fashioned way. Share a story or joke with a coworker, or organize a fun team outing.

8.) Be respectful…always!

Be respectful even when others aren’t. That’s really when it matters most.

9.) Give back in some way

I learned this one from my Mom.  She was and amazing woman who graciously lived a life of philanthropy and kindness.  She helped me understand that when someone does something nice for you – big or small – the real value comes from paying it forward.

I challenge you to be the reason someone smiles today.  I challenge you to do these things and to try to do them all EVERY DAY.  I challenge you to share this blog and to challenge others to join in!  If enough people get started I think you will see a happier, friendlier and more caring workplace.

Are you up for the office morale challenge?