6 Budget-Friendly Vacation Ideas for the Young Professional (Or Anyone)

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6 Budget-Friendly Vacation Ideas for the Young Professional (Or Anyone)

7 Budget-Friendly Vacation Ideas for the Young Professional

As we are about halfway through summer 2016, I thought I would do a public service for those who have yet to take any vacation. Whether you’re just starting your career or are a seasoned professional, everyone should take vacation to reset and refresh. You’ve been working hard and deserve your time off!

But what if you are working with a limited budget? A lot of people simply can’t afford to go jet setting or do anything elaborate. Here are 6 budget-friendly ideas for your next vacation.


If you’re well-prepared and like the outdoors, camping can make for a great vacation. Not only is it a great change of scenery, but it’s also extremely affordable. You can find camp sites from National Parks to local woodlands for under $20 per night.

Take a Road Trip

Air travel is expensive and the quickest way to eat into your lodging/dining/drinking/whatever-elsing budget. There are plenty of locations within driving range that will help you to escape your day-to-day and save you money. Go regional if you’re strapped for cash.

Be a “Local” Tourist

When is the last time you explored the historical sites, art or history museums, and tourist locations around you? I know there are still a lot of things that I have yet to experience in the Greater Boston Area, and I’m guessing you could say the same. Becoming a local tourist will make you more knowledgeable as well as a better host when your friends come to visit.

Go on a Cruise

If you’re looking to REALLY get away, a cruise is probably the least expensive option for going on vacation. You can find killer deals for less than $70/night on sites like cruisesheet.com and many others. Keep an eye out for package deals that include food, drinks, etc. Booking well in advance or last minute will allow you to save even more.

Have a Staycation

On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes just hanging out can be the most relaxing and refreshing way to spend a vacation. Sleep in, dine out and catch up on all of your TV shows that have fallen by the wayside.

Break Up Your Vacation Days into Long Weekends

Although not ideal, sometimes the best way to maximize your ROI on vaca is to break it up throughout the course of the year. In doing so, you can sample most of the ideas above, money permitting.

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