6 Methods Companies Can Use to Attract Top Talent in 2016

6 Methods Companies Can Use to Attract Top Talent in 2016

attract talent in 2016With 2016 right around the corner, companies of all sizes and industries are looking to add talent to their team for the New Year. With the demand for top talent at an insanely-high level, companies find themselves competing with each other for the same candidates.

A number of companies have stepped up their game and started to think outside the box for ways to attract top talent. What can your company add to incentivize candidates to join on?

1)  Residential Perks

Some companies are starting to add in-home perks such as cleaning services to their employees. By paying for a cleaning crew to come by once a month, it reduces the employee’s stress and enhances productivity.

2)  Unlimited Vacation

 This is one of the most popular additions to a company’s list of benefits. The “unlimited” policy allows an employee to not only take the days off needed for doctor’s appointments, dentist trips, sick days, and weddings, but allows them extra space to take an actual vacation away from everything.

3)  Upgraded Parental Perks

There have been a number of companies who have added extra perks to new parents in the first year after birth. This is another version of the “unlimited vacation” policy where the Mother or Father can take as many days as needed, releasing them from the stress of using all their vacation for doctor’s trips.

4)  Upgraded Stock Options

Some companies have changed their stock options so that employees can hold onto their stocks even after they leave the company.

5)  Travel Options

Giving the gift of travel has started to become more apparent, as some companies are adding travel credits for an employee to pay for trips around the world as they see fit.

6)  Certifications and Schooling

You don’t see too many companies that don’t offer paid certification and tuition reimbursement anymore.

These are just a few of the ways you can get started.  Does your company offer any of these perks? What is your team doing to attract top talent? Tweet us @TheDavisCos.

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