6 Tips for a Focused March Into Spring

6 Tips for a Focused March Into Spring

6 Tips for a Focused March Into Spring

As we enter March most of us are already ready for spring! Nice, sunny days, leaving work while the sun is still shining! The doldrums of winter are nearly coming to an end. Here are a few tips to stay motivated and focused!

Keep a To-Do List

Having your list of daily activities on your desk where you can see it will keep you focused on the task at hand and eliminates your mind from having to think, “Well what’s next?” as you cross or check off completed items.


You may have made your to-do list in the order in which you want to achieve it, or maybe you simply jotted your tasks down that need to be finished. Try completing your heavier or harder tasks first in the day when you have the energy and focus to do so. Not when the 3:00pm slump comes knocking.


Huh? What? Try your best to keep your desk and environment distraction free. The less clutter you have lying around, the more focused you will be.

Have Plenty of Water Close By

Obviously water is healthy and refreshing, but it also helps fight hunger and fatigue. Keeping a large bottle of water with you goes a long way!

Where are the Snacks?

Snacks can also battle hunger and fatigue! Consider an energy bar, almonds, Greek yogurt or vegetables! And someone always has the rice cakes!

Background Music

Whether is at your desk or for the office, finding the right tunes can keep you pretty upbeat! Not to mention they will drown out some pesky background noise

What are some of the ways you stay motivated and focused at work this time of year? Let us know in the comment section!