6 Essential Tips to Take Your Job Search Mobile

6 Essential Tips to Take Your Job Search Mobile

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More people are accessing the internet through mobile than ever before and searching for a job is one of the most-common online activities. Almost 90% of job seekers will use their mobile device during the job search in 2015 according to a recent Glassdoor Survey. Whether you are looking for a job or trying to hire, making the most of mobile can help you find a job or identify top candidates.

While a majority of candidates will look for a job on mobile, only 44% will apply through their device.  The rest may save the link and apply later from a computer, but others may fall off.  By being prepared to apply on mobile, your job search will be so much easier!

Here are some tips for job seekers:

1.  Download job apps. Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn and Glassdoor all offer free mobile apps.  It is easy to search based on location and skillset to find the right job for you!

2.  Next fill out a profile. Having a profile with your resume already completed will make it easy to quickly apply without having to worry about saving a link, or forgetting to return later and apply on your computer.

3.  Subscribe to notifications. Timing is everything and if your dream job pops up, being first to apply can give you a head start over your competition applying a week later! Sign up for notifications so you are alerted when a new job is posted.

4.  Save your resume on your phone. Using Dropbox, Google docs, or saving an email with your resume attached can make it easy to apply. Apps like Resume Star allow you to create a PDF of your resume easily on a mobile device.

5.  Use LinkedIn. LinkedIn makes it easy to apply with your profile, saving the hassle of uploading a resume.

6.  Use social media– Companies frequently post jobs on Twitter and Facebook, follow your target companies for instant updates.

As a hiring company, visit your own job page on your phone. Is it easy to find where the Careers page is? Can you read the descriptions? If we want candidates to apply, we need to evaluate how we post. You can easily lose a great candidate if they do not have time to go apply on their computer right away. Make your process easier. If you don’t like using your mobile careers page, candidates won’t either.