6 Best Things About Fall in New England

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6 Best Things About Fall in New England

fallWe are in the heart of the Fall season here in Massachusetts and I could not be happier.  Whether it’s the foliage, the temperatures or the rainy days, Fall always serves as a much needed break from the oppressive heat of summer.  That being said, here are the Top 6 best reasons to love Fall in New England (according to me).

1)  The Boys of Fall

Patriots fans have been in hibernation for 9 months.  As a Patriots fan, the sight of Tom Brady taking the field on Sundays is the equivalent of seeing a bear or a moose in the wild for the first time…both majestic and humbling.

2)  Cooling Down

While summer activities are a blast, sometimes the heat can really take its toll.  Fall marks the start of cool nights, warm clothes and hot beverages.  Bundling up = comfort, and that is a fact.

3)  Flannel – Get some.

Apparently flannel is the unofficial casual dress code during the fall, and for good reason.  It’s as comfortable as wearing your pajamas out of the house and far more socially acceptable.

4)  Apple Consumables

When speaking of hot fall beverages in New England it goes without saying that hot mulled Apple Cider tops the list.  This is one of the many Apple staples that begin to emerge in the fall… other favorites include Apple Pancakes, Carmel Apples, Cider Donuts, Apple Pie, Apple Crisp, and Baked Sugared Apples.  I don’t mean to sound like the New England version of Bubba from Forrest Gump but the Apple is CLEARLY a fall cornerstone in the northeast.

5)  Bonfires

The smell, the sound, the look, the feel… it just screams America.  If Bonfire was a cologne or Yankee Candle fragrance, I would own a lifetime supply.

6)      Foliage

It’s everywhere. Are you looking to feel small?  Interested in gaining an appreciation for nature?  Take a drive up 89, 93, or Route 2 west – it’s stunning.  To this day I cannot drive past the top of Sawyer Hill Road in Berlin, MA during the fall without stopping.  If it weren’t for all the leaves I still need to rake in my yard it would be the #1 undisputed reason to love Fall in New England.

These make up my favorite reasons. What would you contribute to the list?