5 Ways to Get Your Coworkers Comfortable with Video

5 Ways to Get Your Coworkers Comfortable with Video

video marketingThe concept of utilizing video in your company’s marketing strategy is nothing new. Studies have proven that, when used properly, videos deliver higher levels of engagement, keep visitors on your website longer and improve SEO. Any well-rounded marketing plan incorporates video somewhere along the line – but how can companies mix rich media into their plan if there’s nobody on the other end of the camera?

Being on camera is awkward. Nobody likes the sound of their own voice and we’re all our own biggest critics. If you want to get your company on the map video-wise, especially if you work for a smaller business, you have to get buy in from your fellow employees to participate. Not only will this save you a ton of money, but your videos will be real, honest insights from the people who interact with your customers on a daily basis.

As the in-house videographer here at DAVIS, here are my recommendations for getting your talent comfortable with being on camera.

1.  Start with your known performers

You know who these people are. They are the ones who excel in public speaking, leading meetings or making sales calls. Not only are they more likely to be willing and able to perform well in your video, you’ll have a great proof of concept to show other employees.

2.  Explain your end game

Shoving a camera in an executive’s face won’t get you any bonus points. Have a meeting or two prior to filming your video to explain the concept, reassure them on why/how it will help the company and provide the questions or talking points you’d like them to make in advance. We’re all human. Even the highest-level employees can be uncomfortable on camera. Make them feel comfortable and prepared every step of the way.

3.  Set them up for success

This goes along the lines of #2 in terms of preparation, but more so for the shoot itself. Make sure that you have all the shots, lighting and angles planned out in advance so that you don’t waste people’s time. You want your video to look good, right? Figure it out ahead of time.

4.  Get them talking while the camera is running

Start recording as soon as you’re set up in the room. Strike up a casual conversation with the person as you review how the rest of the shoot will go. I guarantee they will ask, “Okay, so when are we going to start?” This is when you can let them know that you’ve been recording entire time and none of it will see the light of day. The subtle knowledge that they’ve already been talking on camera is reassurance that they can do this thing.

5.  Produce a quality product

Delivering a high-quality video that makes both the employee and company look good is the best thing you can do to get other coworkers to participate in future projects. Know your audience and take the time to produce a great viewing experience.

Do you shoot videos for your company? What other tips would you share for getting your coworkers comfortable on camera? Comment below or tweet us @TheDavisCos.

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