5 Video Interview Tips for Job Seekers

5 Video Interview Tips for Job Seekers

5 Video Interview Tips for Job Seekers

Putting a face to a name has never been so easy in today’s technology-driven world. In the past decade, video conferencing software has grown exponentially, and employers have taken notice.

For many hiring managers or Human Resources professionals, a simple phone screen will no longer suffice. Video interviews have become the norm, and not executing them properly will deny you the opportunity for an in-person interview.

Here are 5 video interview tips for job seekers:

Dress to Impress

While you don’t have to wear a full suit, make sure that you are donning a work-appropriate shirt or top. Style your hair, shave and perform any other hygienic routines as if it were an in-person interview. And, for the love of peat, wear nice jeans or slacks! Standing up to reveal sweat pants or gym shorts is no way to make a good first impression with your interviewer.

Mind Your Posture & Body Language

On a video interview, much like in person, you want to portray confidence, attentiveness and interest with your body language. Sit up straight and lean slightly forward. Listen carefully and acknowledge your interviewer’s statements. Maintain solid eye contact while speaking, and don’t forget to smile!

Find a Good Location in Advance

Prior to your video interview, find an appropriate location to sit down. Test your webcam to ensure nothing distracting will be in the background, and that you are fully in frame. You should be in a quiet room with a neutral wall behind you.

Stage Your Notes & Questions So You Can Easily See Them

Being on video might seem a little awkward at first, but what’s more awkward is if you are constantly looking off screen or shuffling to see your notes. Stand your notebook up next to, or behind, the screen so that you can easily refer to them with a simple glance. This way you will avoid unnecessary pauses or seeming distracted during your video interview.

Log In Early

Whatever software your potential employer is using, be sure to log in at least 10 minutes ahead of time. Not only will this give you time to troubleshoot any compatibility issues, but you will also be able to see how you look on camera and make any last-minute tweaks to your appearance.

Follow these tips and you’ll be ready to crush your next video interview!