5 Unconventional Ways to Help a Coworker

5 Unconventional Ways to Help a Coworker

5 Unconventional Ways to Help a Coworker

People at all levels of an organization can use a helping hand from time to time. I have found that it has made my job more fulfilling to be able to step up and help in these times, whether it be with traditional work or doing something a little outside of the box. Being there for your coworkers not only shows your commitment to them and the company, but when you are in need of some assistance you will be more likely to get it. Here are 5 unconventional ways that coworkers can help each other out.  

Train a Person on Something in Your Expertise

Nothing is more invigorating than learning a new skill to add to your repertoire. Helping a work friend learn something new is not only great for them, it’s a satisfying experience for you as well. Not to mention, if you are out of the office or need assistance, they will be able to fill in for you!

Offer to Review Someone’s Work

When you know someone has a big project or presentation coming up, step in and offer to help review it for them prior to their big day. Chances are they may have some nerves regarding their deadline, so this simple gesture can help put them at ease. Plus another set of eyes never hurt!

Giving Someone a Ride

Cars break down, people may indulge a little too much at happy hour, or even not have access to a vehicle for whatever reason. Helping a coworker get to where they need to be is not only a great thing to do, it gives you a chance to get to know one another while driving.

Buy Your Coworker Lunch

We’ve all experienced times where we’re too busy to get out for a lunch break. Inevitably during these times we also don’t happen to bring a lunch with us to work. If you see a coworker stuck at their desk, offer to bring them back some food – it’s the least you can do.

Recognize People for a Job Well Done

Often times we take the work of others for granted. When someone does something for you or you see them do something special, be sure to acknowledge them. Hell, even a note to his/her manager can go a long way. Everyone likes to know their hard work is recognized!

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