5 Tips on Finding a New Job in 2021

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5 Tips on Finding a New Job in 2021

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In my role, I get connected with many people looking for work (it’s one of my favorite parts of the job).  Unfortunately, sometimes my network isn’t strong enough in their particular industry or profession to be of personal assistance.  However, knowing what I know about getting hired, the least I can do is share some things I would do if I were a job seeker.  The following are a few strategies I would employ to find a job in 2021!

1) Dial-in your resume.  Obviously key words pertinent to your desired job are necessary (especially when computers are typically pre-screening your resume) but be sure to highlight what you accomplished in previous roles as well as how you made it happen.  Potential employers want to see Results, Results, Results!

2) Find a recruiter.  No, not just because I am one.  Great recruiters are in the game for the long haul.  In addition to the network they’ve been building throughout their career, they have access to their colleagues’ networks as well.  They can help you open doors and access jobs you didn’t know were available.

3) Don’t rely on simply “applying to jobs”.  All too often, algorithms or poorly trained screeners will miss potentially strong candidates.  If I found a role I wanted to learn more about, I’d pick up the phone. You can find and or make a pretty educated guess on who in the organization to call. Think HR, Talent Acquisition, or specific hiring managers.  If you’ve read any of my previous content, persistence and human interaction is an overarching theme.   (Check it out here

A serious consideration would be to spend the $30/month on LinkedIn Premium for the messaging and to look people up.  Then, using some quick detective-work most sales/recruitment professionals can walk you through (and it is easy to learn), you’ll be able to find their contact info (phone, email or both) so you can reach out directly.  Beyond getting your resume “to the top of the pile”, this persistence in and of itself can go a long way to show both your interest and, more importantly, your drive as a professional.

Also, find companies you want to work at and contact them (HR, Talent Acquisition and/or the hiring managers themselves).  Great managers will make room on the bus for “A” players but can also be great sources of networking.

4) Make the most of your own network.  Reach out to your friends, former colleagues, etc. and share your goal of finding a new role with them.  Grab a coffee with anyone and everyone they can introduce you to. Constantly ask for introductions to applicable connections within their networks. Turn the camera on and meet some new folks via Zoom, Facetime, etc.

Bonus Tip: Be mindful of what you may be able to do for them.  Don’t look for quid pro quo but my belief is by helping others, you are bound to be helped soon enough!

5) Build it all into a system.  I’m a big fan of James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, and systems and discipline beat motivation every time.  The daily checklist of a job seeker must include:

  • Follow up calls on job leads / previously applied to positions
  • Networking calls
  • Researching new companies / opportunities
  • Repeat

Hope this info helps.  It was tough to squeeze it all in.  If you have other ideas, feel free to share in the comments below or contact us directly!

Happy hunting!

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