5 Tips for Searching for a Job While Unemployed

5 Tips for Searching for a Job While Unemployed

5 Tips for Searching for a Job While Unemployed

Unemployment can be difficult, frustrating, and lengthy. It can also be relaxing and a great time to catch up on projects around the house or see family. As you begin to get into “Search Mode,” and are ready to find your next job, here are 5 tips to help you in your job hunt.

  1. Set a Schedule

Yes, you are off the clock, but having a set schedule can be key to a good job search. Set your alarm! Waking up at a regular time will keep you motivated.

Set aside time each day that you dedicate to your search. Whether it is 1 hour or 3, have time to edit your resume, apply to jobs, and network.

  1. Stay Organized

The search can be overwhelming as you are applying to a lot of jobs, talking with a lot of recruiters, and taking initial phone screens. Have a system to organize your search by recording where you apply and who you have talked to. Make note of where you are in the application process for each opportunity.

  1. Learn

Taking time to go to a seminar, class, or take advantage of material online can keep you up to speed on the latest technology and trends in your industry so that you are ready to go once you get the next job. Potential employers will also like to hear that you have taken the time to invest in yourself and improve.

  1. Talk to Former Coworkers

Former coworkers will be your references. Stay in touch with them. If you can, grab lunch, coffee, or drinks. They also may have leads on jobs, know recruiters in your field, or have openings at their current companies.

  1. Take Risks

Go on interviews that may seem like a stretch, talk to people you normally wouldn’t, consider jobs that may be outside your field or a step back in title or pay. The opportunity and people you will meet may take you places you never imagined!

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