5 Tips for Making the Most of Your First 30 days on the Job

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5 Tips for Making the Most of Your First 30 days on the Job


The first 30 days on the job for any new hire can be totally overwhelming. With a flood of meet and greets, orientation meetings, training sessions, and new hire paperwork you’re still expected to stay organized and demonstrate your value.  Here are a few tips to help your first 30 days position you for long-term career success.

Craft an Introduction.

There is truth to that saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.  So, before you start introducing yourself to everyone, know what you’re going to say when you meet them. Prepare responses for anticipated questions about what you were hired to do and what your professional qualifications are. Give the people you meet a reason to continue building a relationship with you.

Learn the business.

In order for you to be a contributor, you need to figure out how the company works. What are the business objectives? What’s the organizational structure of the company? How does your company do business? Taking the time to explore the business will help you understand how your work supports departmental and corporate objectives.

Set Up Time with Your Manager.

Get to know him/her, understand the expectations from your role, and timelines for goals and how he/she would like to stay updated on your progress. Be mindful of your manager’s communication style and get to know how your work will be evaluated. Share your plan and understand his/her performance expectations.

Integrate into the Company Culture.

Every company has its own ways of doing things, and in order to fit in, you may want to play by the rules. Observe how people communicate and what processes are used then adapt your own behavior accordingly.

Get organized.

Whether you are an organized individual or not, having systems for managing contacts, meetings, resources and deadlines right from the start can smooth your transition and ease the anxiety you may feel when you start a new job. Taking notes during or after every meeting, conversation or introduction will help keep your files (and your brain) well organized.