5 Tips for Applying for Summer Internships

5 Tips for Applying for Summer Internships

5 Tips for Applying for Summer Internships

Summer internships might be hard to think about with Halloween right around the corner, but now is the time to start getting ready to apply.

Yesterday we hosted an event with four employer panelists who represent some of the biggest employers in Massachusetts. All of them represented large internship and co-op programs that you’ve probably heard of. They all shared their best tips for applying for summer internships, highlighted below.

  1. Apply Now

It’s not too early. Organizations that hire hundreds of interns have already started looking for new talent. The first applicants get the first look and being closer to the top of the pile is always a help.

  1. Networking

No one really likes to do it, but take advantage of any connection to help you stand out from the crowd. One manager said she gets over 200 resumes for each opening. That’s a lot to weed through. So, if your neighbor works someplace and can get your resume moved to the top of the pile, it’s always helpful. Also, see if there are alumni at the company that you can connect with to learn more.

  1. Include Your GPA On Your Resume

For internships your GPA matters. It’s not the only thing that matters but many companies want to know. Provide it and if you had a bad year and you’re GPA has improved dramatically show your GPA for each year in addition to the cumulative one. Then the employer will know how hard you’re working now.

  1. Include Relevant Projects

Employers want to know you can work with a team, meet deadlines and solve problems. Listing group projects that show your software skills in action or your research and analytical skills will help you stand out from those just listing your classes.

  1. Keep It Short

Include and elaborate in the right places on your resume, but short, sweet and 1 page is still the standard. If you’re concerned about space shorten your job description for your summer camp counselor job or retail job and include more about your relevant projects, skills and extracurricular activities.

These tips come straight from the experts – the recruiters managing large internship programs. Do you have any other tips for future interns? Comment below or Tweet us @TheDavisCos.