5 Times You Absolutely NEED to be in Touch with your Recruiter

5 Times You Absolutely NEED to be in Touch with your Recruiter

recruiter Throughout the job search process you should expect your recruiter will constantly be in touch with you, but be sure that you also stay in touch with your recruiter.  To simplify communication, be sure your recruiter has your best contact information, your cell phone and email. Let them know when the best times to call are. It’s always important to communicate, but these 5 times it is even more critical.

Before an Interview

Before the first phone interview you should utilize your recruiter as a resource. Make sure you know who you are speaking to. Are they in HR or a Technical Manager? What type of questions should you expect? How long will the call be? Do they have your cell phone number?

If it is a face-to-face interview, where are you supposed to go? Who do you ask for? Who else will you meet with? How long will you be there? What questions may be asked?

Your recruiter may have some insight from the manager and already should have done research on the company to prepare you, so it’s critical to talk before an interview.

After an Interview

As soon as you end an interview, give your recruiter a call. Let them know how it went. Does the job still seem like a good fit? Do you want to continue pursuing the job? Are there any questions you forgot to ask?

If you give your recruiter your feedback before they speak with the manager, you can save a step. Having your feedback is ammo for the recruiter to get the manager’s thoughts as well.

Once they have feedback

After getting feedback from the manager, it is often easier to tell a candidate the positives and negatives over the phone. Emails can lose the context. If your recruiter leaves you a message with feedback, return the call ASAP.

If you have another offer

Say one of the other jobs you are pursuing is ready to make you an offer. If you want to take it, call your recruiter and let them know you are going to go with another option. This way they can stop trying to set up an interview or push for an offer you don’t want.  If the job you are working with the recruiter on is your first choice, let them know you have something else pending. The recruiter can then stress urgency to the hiring manager and get the offer you want sooner.

The client is ready to make you an offer

This is the moment you have been waiting for! Answer the call! You are going to get an offer. This way you can be sure the offer is everything you are looking for and you can accept right away!

A lack of communication with your recruiter during an ongoing job search can tarnish your professional reputation. Make a quick call at each of these 5 critical job search moments, and it will make the process easy for everyone involved.