5 Steps to Help You Fall in Love with Your Job All Over Again

5 Steps to Help You Fall in Love with Your Job All Over Again

It’s the season of love! But maybe you’re not feeling so hot about your current position. It’s common to fall in and out of love with your job as your career progresses. Like any relationship, you may be excited at the beginning. Over time, things can get monotonous. This is why you need to bring back the spark to your position.

Consider these five changes to help you fall in love with your job all over again.


1. Modify Small Things

Tiny changes may be what you need to update your outlook on your work. This may involve modifications to your workspace or routine. For instance, organize your desk, freshen up your files, or clear out your inbox. This can free up physical and mental space to allow more energy to come in. Also, consider asking if you can move to a different area of the office. This provides a new atmosphere to work in.

2. Take on Something New

You might have mastered your position and are not feeling challenged on a daily basis. If this caused you to lose some love for your role, find opportunities to learn a new skill or take on additional responsibilities. You may want to ask your manager about taking on stretch assignments or cross-training in another department.

3. Use Your Benefits

Perhaps you are not taking advantage of all the benefits and perks your company offers. For instance, make sure you use all of your vacation days each year. You need time away from the office to relax and rejuvenate. Also, make sure you are contributing to your retirement plan at least the minimum amount that your employer matches. This provides additional income to live on when you decide to stop working.

4. Consider Your Purpose

You may have lost sight of why you go to work each day. There likely are many reasons why you chose the line of work you are in and what you get out of it. Getting back to the core values of your role and the organization can make your work more fulfilling. For instance, your line of work likely provides for your lifestyle. Also, you play a key part in reaching business goals based on the company mission, vision, and values. Viewing your work as meaningful can help you engage in your tasks.

5. Take on More of What You Love

You probably have some tasks that you enjoy doing more than anything. Find ways to do more of these activities. For instance, if you like compiling quarterly sales reports, work on the task weekly rather than a few times each year. Also, talk with your manager about switching job duties with a team member who performs similar work. Your teammate may be happy to unload the responsibilities you want to take on.

Still Not Happy with Your Job?

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