5 Reasons to Work With A Staffing Company To Find A Job

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5 Reasons to Work With A Staffing Company To Find A Job

5 Reasons to Work With A Staffing Company To Find A Job

Looking for work is hard work! The job search process can be difficult, daunting, stressful and time-consuming, even without a global pandemic going on! Rejection feels personal and scanning through so many different types of positions is overwhelming. Working with a staffing company could be a solution worth considering. According to the American Staffing Agency, 16 million people per year find jobs working with a staffing company.

Here are 5 reasons to work with a staffing company to find a job.

1. Try Before You Hire. Trying out the job on a contract basis before committing permanently gives both the hiring company and the candidate the opportunity to learn about each other and evaluate if the job is a match for both sides. The process may include interviews, skills testing and reference checks. CareerBuilder found that over 42% of the people working on a contract position were offered a full-time position.

2. Build Your Skills. Working in different companies allows employees a chance to improve and grow their skills. Each environment has different expectations and working for several companies will expand the tasks and responsibilities you are exposed to and trained on and can help you build your resume and marketable skills.

3. It can be faster. It takes the average hiring manager a minimum of 27 days to get a full-time job filled. Contract and contract to hire positions are normally filled in half that amount of time. Hiring managers and human resource teams are willing to move more quickly to bring on staff from staffing companies because they have already been screened by the staffing company. A win-win for both sides.

4. No Cost to the Employee. Staffing company services are free to candidates and working with more than one staffing company is perfectly acceptable. Every staffing firm has different clients and the more staffing companies you work with, increases the potential opportunities that could come your way.

5. Benefits are provided. Many staffing companies provide access to health insurance, dental programs and retirement options. Direct deposit, global pay cards and paid time off may also be available.

The most important thing is finding a job and a staffing company can be a great resource to help make the process easier, so you can get hired faster and start earning more quickly. Let us know if you have questions about working with a staffing company.