5 Questions to Ask in Every Interview

5 Questions to Ask in Every Interview

5 questions to ask in a job interviewQuestions are the keys to a successful interview. As a candidate, asking well-thought out questions is just as important as your response to the interviewer’s questions. If you are just asking, “what are the hours?” or “what is the pay?” you are not asking enough. Make the most of your opportunity to ask questions, and not just surface-level questions about what the job is. By carefully crafting thought provoking questions, you will highlight your ability to bring new ideas to the team, excitement about the job, and ability think at a deeper level.

Some of the most common feedback from hiring managers is that the candidate did not ask enough questions. Here are 5 question ideas to get you started!

1.  What will be expected of me in the first 30 days?

Your first month on the job is your opportunity to prove yourself.  Asking about expectations shows your excitement to start and get right to work!

2.  What makes your most successful team members good at what they do?

Asking the manager to think about what they like about his current team members is your window to follow up with the similar characteristics and skills you bring to the table. Now the manager will be able start to really envisioning you as part of the team.

3.  What are the measures of success in my first year?

Understanding what metrics the organization pays attention to for a new hire can help you to hit the ground running. If you are paying attention to the details of how you will be evaluated, the first year can be much more successful.

4.  How can I make a valuable impact to the growth of the organization?

No matter the level of your potential position, ask the most senior person you meet with in the interview about the growth of the organization and plans going forward. This shows you are thinking about the company as a whole and being a contributing team member, not just another candidate looking for a job.

5.  Do you have any concerns about my abilities for this position?

This is a tough question to ask. Simply asking it shows you have guts. You may or may not like the answer, but it opens up an opportunity to rebut any concerns, strengthen your candidacy, or understand why you are not a fit.

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