5 Lessons from the Super Bowl that will Help Your Team

5 Lessons from the Super Bowl that will Help Your Team

2016 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots

In Sunday’s amazing Super Bowl victory, we witnessed the greatest quarterback of all time (Tom Brady), the greatest coach of all time (Bill Belichick), and a total team effort to secure the Patriots’ win!

Here are 5 takeaways from the Super Bowl that will help your team reach victory.

  1. Stay in the game until the end!

After the second quarter, it seemed insurmountable that the Patriots would be able come back against the Falcons. However they came together and stuck in the game until the final play.

As your team moves towards a goal, even if the distance seems tough to reach, keep going! Communicate where you are at and do not give up.

  1. Pass the ball around.

Everyone on the Patriots contributed; from the coaches, the defense, the wide receivers, running backs, and of course the quarterback. Each person made the plays they needed to make for the team to succeed.

Don’t try to carry the weight of a goal alone. If you spread responsibilities around, the team will win!

  1. Take it one play at a time.

Each play mattered. Without every pass, run, and catch, the Patriots could not have been victorious.

You can’t expect to win it all with 1 play or in 1 day. If you look at your year, quarter, month, week, or even day as a chance to hit many smaller goals, it will be way easier to end up where you want to be.

  1. Collaborate at half time.

Take time to huddle, collaborate, and adjust your game plan as the game goes on. The Patriots came out from half time and played like a different, more focused team.

As you are driving toward a goal, consistently and constantly take the time to analyze and change direction as needed.

  1. Celebrate the wins!

Win as a team and celebrate as a team! Your win may not be as big as the Super Bowl, but take the time to celebrate the little wins daily or weekly. For bigger goals, celebrate monthly, quarterly, and annually. Your team will feel re-energized, motivated, and perhaps most importantly, appreciated.

Congratulations to the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots!


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