5 Kinds of People You’ll See at Your Office Holiday Party

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5 Kinds of People You’ll See at Your Office Holiday Party

holiday party

Every good holiday work party leaves the office with stories to tell the following week. These are the people who make them happen. Here are 5 kinds of people you’ll see at your office holiday party.

The Talent

singers holiday

These two coworker buddies are feeling the music to the max, and may even commandeer the DJ’s microphone to make sure their performance is heard.


The Loner

loner holiday party

Not everyone enjoys boisterous get-togethers, okay?


The Overly Friendly

friendly holiday party

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the guy or gal who gets a little too friendly with the party guests.


The Show-off 

holiday party

This person will always try to steal the show on the dance floor, in front of the camera or at the after party.


The Sober – “Want a drink?”

sober holiday

Whether this person is a designated driver, pregnant or sticking to personal goals, we can all feel their pain.

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