5 Career Tips for College Graduates

5 Career Tips for College Graduates


Graduation has passed and the allotted period of free time a college grad can take advantage of has burned out. You’re officially considered “unemployed”. Don’t let this get you down, we have compiled a list of 5 career tips for college graduates:

1.       Don’t just apply to jobs online

It is the easiest way to get your information out there to potential employers, but posting your resume on job boards will not be what sets you apart from the rest of the college graduates who are doing the same thing. Go to networking events, meet actual employees of companies that interest you and use that to your advantage.


2.       Your network should be larger than you think

Now is not the time to be shy when building your network. Your grandmother’s neighbor’s son who you met one time that works at your dream job is someone you should reach out to and use a resource in your job search. These second hand connections will come in handy when looking for a leg up in the job market.


3.       Customize your resume

You should not be using the same resume for each job you apply to; you should highlight skills, projects, and successes that fit better with each company’s culture and mission. Make sure that you use a header like you would in your LinkedIn profile providing a summary of your skills and experience, but make sure to tailor it to each potential employer.


4.       Clean up your social media profiles

We all know that everyone can access anyone’s information now and this does not exclude you. Your potential employer will definitely look you up on social media if you seem like a prime candidate. If your Facebook is full of pictures of you partying with your friends, your credibility will be immediately lessened. This is also the time for you to update your LinkedIn profiles, make sure that your accomplishments are documented and that you give off a professional air in your descriptions. This will not only make you look more professional to future employers but adding keywords and skills could attract recruiters to your page as well.


5.       Don’t settle for a job you’re not passionate about

The job search can be long and stressful, but do not settle. If you start at a job you are not interested in, you will be gaining skills in a field you will probably leave later in life. Instead of giving up at the first job offer, wait it out and keep trying for the industry you want to enter. This will not only pay off in the long run, but you will be more excited about your job and work harder.


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