4 Tips for an Effective Exit Interview

4 Tips for an Effective Exit Interview


Every day we see new and creative benefits that companies are offering to keep up with the competition.  In this market opportunities seem endless and companies are working extra hard to retain their top talent.  Despite their efforts, people still move on to other and sometimes better opportunities.

While each individual has their own reasons for leaving these do not always get shared during an exit interview.  It’s typical for a company’s HR Team to schedule time to complete an exit interview before a candidate’s last day; it’s also typical for candidates not to give the whole picture during this time.

Giving negative feedback is never easy but its value is truly priceless.  I can understand wanting to leave on good terms, you never know if your paths will cross again, but how can a company improve and grow if you are not honest about why you are leaving?

Below are four tips to help you get through an exit interview while maintaining your relationship with company:

  1. Gather Your Thoughts. Most questions you’ll be asked won’t come as a surprise but spend time putting together what you want to say that will help them with the next hire.
  2. Be Honest and Tactful. It’s easy to sit there and bash the company or your manager but not always effective.  Again, this is meant to help the company so while you’re thinking of what you are going to say also think about how you are going to say it.  Your approach is everything they will appreciate the constructive feedback if presented properly.
  3. Make Recommendations. Whether you have one or many reasons for leaving I’d bet you’ve thought about ways to change or make improvements.  This is a great opportunity to share your thoughts in a constructive manner (remember your approach is everything!).
  4. Don’t Leave Out the Positives. Your feedback does not have to only be negative.  Whoever is conducting the interview will also appreciate the positive things the company is doing or has done.  Don’t be afraid to share your good experiences!

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