Job Spotlight: 4 Reasons Why You Should Get an Assembling Job Today

Job Spotlight: 4 Reasons Why You Should Get an Assembling Job Today

Assembler jobs add around 192,100 openings to the labor force yearly, based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Though it may not be a high-growth job in the years to come, manufacturing firms, plantations, and factories will always need workers to fill an assembly job. Thus, assembler jobs remain vital to the global economy today and in the foreseeable future.  

In this post, we get to know more about an assembling job and why you must be open to getting one today. 


A Day in the Life of an Assembly Line Worker 

An assembler is tasked to combine parts by following a set of blueprints. Then, they verify the correct quantities of parts and check assembled items for quality. Most of the time, they also manage inventory parts.  

An assembly line worker reads blueprints and verifies the parts required with precision. Should they find defects, they immediately inform their supervisor, as this significantly affects the quality of the assembled item.   

Contrary to what people say, an assembly job is not as mundane and boring as most think. Rather, it requires quick thinking and good communication skills.   

An assembly line worker should openly communicate with other stations along the assembly line to ensure speed and accuracy. They must also maintain and service the equipment whenever necessary.   

Are you a stickler for precision and ensuring that nothing comes to waste? Perhaps, an assembling job could be great for you! However, assembler jobs also require workers to double-check specs by measuring the completed item. Then, they must accomplish production and quality forms to ensure that each item has been tested for function and quality.   

An assembly worker’s other specific tasks include ensuring that resources and supplies are used efficiently and not wastefully. They also guarantee the assembly line’s overall orderliness, cleanliness, and safety, ensuring everyone complies with the set rules and regulations.  


The Assembly Job Attributes Checklist 

Now that you know in detail what an assembler does and what skills are required, you have probably ticked some boxes that resonate with you. It’s time to find out if you got what it takes to apply for an assembling job.  

As mentioned earlier, a candidate looking to land an assembling job should be a good communicator. It’s because you will spend a lot of time talking and dealing with internal and external team members.   

Do you love paying attention to detail? An assembly job worker should be meticulous while being enthusiastic about the job!   

Can you multi-task and work independently? As an assembly line worker, you should be able to shift gears pretty quickly and prioritize the more important tasks. You should also be able to make quick decisions while keeping quality top of mind. Assembly line jobs are not micro-managed, so if you thrive with less supervision, then this job should be something that you strongly ought to consider.   

Also, remember that an assembly job requires you to be a true professional. You must commit yourself to show up to work on time, spending your hours efficiently, and producing quality work.  

Despite all these, don’t worry or feel unqualified for the job. Of course, you will undergo comprehensive training and eventually learn everything you need to master. However, all an assembly job requires from you is full commitment, and you will be just fine. 


The Assembly Job Requirements Checklist 

Are you ready to apply now for an assembling job? Make sure that you also tick the following boxes.   

You must be able to read and understand well. This is an assembling job in the manufacturing sector. Hence, quality is the name of the game. At the very least, understanding your Work Order and the corresponding Operator Responsibility Sheet will be  

Aside from reading comprehension, you must also communicate fluently in English to ensure that absolutely nothing is lost in translation the moment you begin your on-the-job training.   

Additionally, basic computer skills and mathematical skills, especially in measuring, will come handy with this job.  

The good thing about an assembling job is that it has entry-level requirements. However, you need not have decorated credentials or a really detailed resume to land one. Ultimately, this job will basically require you to be teachable. 

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The Perks of Having as Assembler Job 

By now, you are probably already seriously considering applying for an assembling job. To pique your interest further, here are a few perks of working in the production assembly line.   

  1. You are directly contributing to the economy.

By becoming an assembly line worker, you also are a front liner in the US economy.   

According to research from Deloitte, the manufacturing industry is one of the major lifelines of the US economy. Eight out of 10 Americans believe the manufacturing industry is among the top contributors to the American economy. 

  1. You become a technological game-changer. 

How awesome is it to handle and work with new technology even before the general public gets to try it?   

Being in an assembling job is to truly be a game-changer. This makes you the front and center in this era of technological innovation. From 3D printing to smart gadgets to the internet of things, you are at the forefront of pushing what is possible. With this job, you are always at the cusp of cutting-edge technology.   

  1. There is real career growth. 

Working an assembling job is surely not a dead-end street. In fact, you are actually setting yourself up for a clear trajectory as far as your career is concerned.   

The sectors that you can go to as an assembly worker are endless. There’s a fabrication to welding to pharmaceuticals to research and distribution.  

Even though many manufacturing jobs are entry-level positions, most, if not all, manufacturing companies offer vital on-the-job training that ultimately gives you a leg up in terms of adding to your work experience and even your credentials. In this line of work, there will be opportunities to upskill. 

  1. You are getting good pay for a job that matters. 

Currently, the average salary of a worker in an assembling job is USD 17. However, as you gain more experience and get more training and certifications on the job, you will surely earn more than that. There are actual workers in the assembly line that are earning as much as USD 25 an hour. The trick here is to do well for a few years and get as much upskilling as possible through certifications.   

Having an assembly job for a career is not a dead-end. On the contrary, it has unique perks that can hone and develop you as an individual whose sheer work greatly contributes to the global economy while helping you thrive on your own. 



Are you now seriously considering an assembly job? The best thing to do is to connect with a reputable staffing firm like Davis Companies. Reach out to us today and start your promising assembly career in no time! 

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