30 Years, 30 Weeks of Appreciation

30 Years, 30 Weeks of Appreciation

30 Years 30 Weeks of Appreciation

In mid-August, in celebration of our 30th anniversary, DAVIS pledged to show appreciation for our customers, our talent in the field, our community and our internal staff. And wow, did 30 weeks fly by. We wanted to do something special every week to recognize all of the different groups of people who have helped us achieve the milestone of celebrating 30 years in business!

We brought 30th anniversary cookies to our clients and we had appreciation BBQ’s for our employees in Massachusetts and Georgia. We kicked off our 30 years with a company and family weekend in beautiful Sunapee, NH and we supported our local communities in many different ways.

We gave back to our communities with backpacks filled with school supplies, holiday presents, Thanksgiving dinners, food drives, blood drives, building houses and so much more! We’re proud of our dedication to our local communities and we’re appreciative of the time and energy our loyal DAVIS staff contributes!

We thanked customers and employees in the field with cookies, ice cream, BBQ’s and candy. We supported causes that are important to our customers and their internal teams. We are lucky to work with customers and employees who are so appreciative of DAVIS and all that we do.

And we gave you a peek into DAVIS and our wonderful team. We shared our culture and our values on continual learning and improvement, our competitiveness with monthly and annual award winners and we showed you a bit of our silly personality with videos and pictures of our favorite dogs in the office.

It’s been a great deal of fun putting together and recognizing all of the people who have been part of DAVIS and helped shape us into the company we love so much! Thank you for being a part of our journey and we’re excited for what the next 30 years brings us.

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