3 Work Life Balance Strategies

3 Work Life Balance Strategies

see-saw-1487470_1280Technology has us more connected than ever to our office and our email…taking us away from family and leisure time. As stress levels go up, productivity can plummet. Making a specific point to find a work life balance is key for your own health and to help you manage your relationships and family responsibilities.

Here are 3 tips

1. Be Present. When you’re home with family focus on family. Out your phone down. Be in the moment. Meditation is about being in the moment and that is a key to finding balance. You don’t want your kids on their phones while at the dinner table and they don’t want you on your phone during their sports or concerts. Focus on the moment. It can be hard. Work on it. Try and ask for help. You’ll see better relationships develop and you’ll be able to enjoy the little things.

2. Put Family First. Just what it says. Focus on your loved ones. Unplug from technology. Enjoy day to day activities-unloading the dishwasher or putting away laundry is an accomplishment-a chore, but an accomplishment.

3. Have fun. In our crazy over scheduled world, sometimes it’s hard to remember to just have fun. If it’s raining, play in the puddles. Have a picnic. Throw the ball with your kids. Take a walk. Enjoy time with family and friends. And laugh. Laughter reduces stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection fighting antibodies. So it’s healthy. Enjoy and have fun.

These sound like easy things…and they are. But getting off the busy hamster wheel of your crazy life can be hard. And you need to take a few minutes, remember these tips and find the balance you need.

What helps you balance work and life? Share your thoughts and ideas with us.

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