3 Ways to Show You’re Thankful at Work This November

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3 Ways to Show You’re Thankful at Work This November

3 Ways to Show You’re Thankful at Work This November

I, for one, cannot believe it is November already. It seems like summertime was just yesterday, and this weekend we will be turning the clocks backwards for daylight savings.

We’re all busy trying to finish out the year strong and prepare for the holidays, but now is the time to start thinking about what you’re thankful for not just at home, but also in the workplace.

Here are 3 ways that you can show you’re thankful at work this November.

  1. Write a Recommendation for Your Colleague

One of the most thoughtful ways to show your appreciation for a colleague is by taking the time to write them a recommendation. A real professional recommendation lets a person know that you are genuinely thankful for what they do and who they are. I guarantee this surprise endorsement will make their day!

  1. Take On Additional Work to Help Your Team

As I stated before, heading into the holidays is one of the busiest times of the year for many in the workplace. Between trying to hit deadlines to the added pressures outside of work, the likelihood of stress will be on the rise. Take note of the work your fellow team members are doing and if any are struggling to keep pace. If you have the extra bandwidth, offer to lend a hand. Although this is something you can (and should) do year-round, it is another great way to show your appreciation.

  1. Offer Someone an Opportunity for Growth

If you have noticed someone consistently going above and beyond in performing their job, they may be hungry to take on more responsibility or to learn something new. By exposing them to these opportunities you’ll show that you’re not only thankful for the work that they do, but that you’re invested in their career development and personal growth. Give it a shot!

These three options all go a long way towards showing you’re thankful in the workplace. What’s better? They don’t cost a dime.

How will you show your appreciation this November? Do you have any other suggestions? Comment below or Tweet us @TheDavisCos.