3 Strategies to Calm Those Pesky Interview Nerves

3 Strategies to Calm Those Pesky Interview Nerves

3 Strategies to Calm Those Pesky Interview NervesSome people are naturals when it comes to speaking about themselves and their accomplishments. They are able to highlight their work experience, relate that perfectly to the job they are applying for and knock their job interview out of the park with little preparation. I am not one of those people.

I have had both wildly successful interviews and interviews where I walked out scratching my head saying, “What the heck was I talking about in there?” In all of my successful interviews, I implemented these 3 strategies to be as prepared as possible and calm my nerves.

Identify 5 Key Points or Accomplishments That You MUST Hit On
When on a job interview you will always be asked open-ended questions. If you don’t prepare yourself for these you can find yourself babbling on about unimportant details and losing the interest of your interviewer. By identifying 5 key points you MUST speak to and highlighting them before the interview, you can present a clear and concise picture of yourself. Make a list of bullet points that trigger your responses appropriately.

Do Your Research
They say knowledge is power. Prior to your interview do as much research as possible to learn everything you can about the company and position.

When were they founded? Who is on the executive team? Who would you be reporting to? What is the culture like?

Pouring over the company’s website, social media and employees’ LinkedIn profiles will give you a great snapshot of who they are. Use this knowledge to prepare a few questions and talking points for your recruiter. It will show that you have a vested interest in the position you are applying for.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep & Show Up Early
Nothing can spike your nerves more than feeling sluggish or rushed heading into your interview. Getting a solid night’s sleep and having your travel prepared in advance will put your mind at ease. Be sure to allow extra time to get where you’re going and use that extra time to review your notes in the parking lot. Your interviewer will want you to be sharp, so don’t let them or yourself down by not controlling what you can control.

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