3 Overlooked Benefits of a Snow Day for Professionals

3 Overlooked Benefits of a Snow Day for Professionals

3 Benefits of a Snow Day for Professionals

Ah, the dreaded snow day, a Chief Operating Officer’s worst nightmare. Can you count on your employees to get their work done from home? What will be the impact on the business? While a snow day can certainly be detrimental to a company’s productivity and revenues, there are some silver linings.

Here are 3 overlooked benefits of a snow day for professionals.

Exposure to Others’ Working Styles

Chances are if you’re working from home, your roommate, spouse or partner is doing the same. Don’t shy away and retreat to your bedroom to work for the day. Sit together in a common area and see how the other person handles their day-to-day. Not only will this give you a better insight into their working life, it will bring you closer and you may even learn something. Colleagues for the day!

Time to Focus on Larger Projects

There can be a lot of distractions in the office. From phone calls to meetings and emails, or coworkers simply coming by to have a chat. When you’re working from home you can put your headphones in, turn off all distractions and really focus on the task in front of you.

The Ability to Reset

While a midweek snow day may feel like it’s killing the momentum your company had, it can also help your employees reset their minds and regain energy. They’ll be able to sleep in a little later than usual, don’t have to worry about dressing up, and have a nice lunch with their aforementioned roommate, spouse or partner. Simply avoiding a stressful commute can go a long way to boost morale.

Obviously a snow day is not ideal for any business, however there are definitely a few benefits for your team members. Did I miss any other benefits for you personally? Comment below or tweet us @TheDavisCos.

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