3 Lessons Learned From an Unforgettable Dale Carnegie Training

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3 Lessons Learned From an Unforgettable Dale Carnegie Training

dale-carenegie-training-graduation-davis-companiesDAVIS has been a promoter of Dale Carnegie training for many years. The skills mastered and developed in this program instill confidence and strengthen interpersonal relationships in your personal and professional life.

I was recently invited to attend the Dale Carnegie graduation for one of our employees. It had been a few years since I’d last attended the final session and I was looking forward to seeing this co-worker in action.

Not surprisingly, she spoke eloquently and was at ease. It was great to see her interact with the others in her group.

Here are her top 3 lessons learned from participating in this program.

1. Listening. The difference between hearing and listening. So a lot of times, someone’s speaking and you’re just waiting for them to be done talking so that you can get out what you are trying to say, or not really absorbing the information as best as you could be. Because our industry is focused on relationships this lesson has changed interactions with people in person and over the phone.

2. Letting go of things you can’t control. In many jobs and industries there are many things outside of your control and learning how to handle them and doing your absolute best to control what you can control. At the end of the day if things go wrong, don’t let it dampen your mood. Always come to work being positive and forward thinking.

3. Perspective. Having perspective and being able to see from someone else’s point of view. Work can be stressful. We try to get across what we’re trying to say to all that we interact with. Sometimes we go into it with the mindset that we’re right. It’s really important to just keep perspective and remember you need to also look from the viewpoint of others to see how situations are impacting them. And then that will help you build and maintain relationships internally and externally.

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