2023 Holiday Rush: 3 Tips Tech Leaders to Keep Their Teams on Track 

2023 Holiday Rush: 3 Tips Tech Leaders to Keep Their Teams on Track 

As the end of the year approaches, companies and businesses are slowly anticipating the holiday season rush. Other than gifts and merry greetings, the month of festivities also brings unique challenges for people in the land of work.

The surge in demand for various products and services puts pressure on companies to meet customer expectations. Balancing a high volume of requests with tight deadlines can be stressful for employers and employees.

As a leader, how can you ensure your teams meet and exceed customer expectations during this hectic season? The solution lies in effective management. Let’s explore how you can guide your teams through the holiday rush, understand the unique demands of the tech industry, and learn practical strategies to support your staff.


The Tech Industry’s Holiday Rush  

As the holiday season approaches, the tech industry gradually experiences a surge in demand. Since technological devices have been standard in people’s day-to-day lives, it makes sense that they are among the most sought-after gifts.

Parents may consider giving their children new gaming consoles or streaming service subscriptions tailored to their preferences. Companies can opt to provide tech accessories like power banks and earphones as holiday gifts. Some people also consider the holiday season as a chance to reward themselves with new laptops or mobile devices.

In essence, tech-related items are trendy during the holiday shopping frenzy. According to a study conducted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)¹, eight out of ten people in 2022 planned to buy smartphones and laptops during the fourth quarter of the year’s highest-earning quarter.

CompTIA also predicted that the U.S. technology sector will experience a CAGR of 5% until 2024. Additionally, global Information Technology (IT) expenditure is forecasted to achieve $4.6 trillion in 2023.²

With a significant increase in the demand for tech products and services, employees may feel overworked and exhausted trying to meet customer expectations. They’re also pressured to work within short timelines, which can cause them even more stress and burnout. This can decrease the quality of the products and services delivered to your loyal customers.


3 Tips to Keep Your Teams on Track 

The best way to ensure your employees can take care of your clients is for you to take care of them through the decisions and initiatives you take. To be able to manage the high demands of the fourth quarter, consider following these three tips to keep your teams on track.


1. Prepare Ahead of Time

Successful management during the holiday season begins with proactive planning. You need to understand that creating a comprehensive plan for projects, commerce, and resource allocations is necessary to meet your clients’ heightened demands. It also ensures your people have manageable responsibilities at all times, which leads to a better quality of outputs and services.

Begin your preparation by focusing on the data from previous years. Analyze the information from the past holiday seasons and identify any prevalent patterns or trends in client demands. Based on the results, anticipate the services and products that would increase in demand.

After that, create a project timeline according to the data and expectations. Include significant milestones, deadlines, resources, and employee assignments if necessary.

Consider creating a contingency plan for any unforeseen situations as another means of preparation. Come up with backup strategies to handle customer needs and concerns. Inform your people about these alternate solutions to help them stay ahead of any challenges.


2. Streamline Team Workflows

Another effective way to ensure your team can meet client expectations is to help them streamline their workflows. Aim to smooth out everything from the product creation until it’s in a customer’s hands. This can help your employees avoid any possible delay in the processes involved in their work.

The best way to prevent friction in your employees’ workflows is to identify potential bottlenecks and points of congestion. You can conduct surge testing to check if your people and your systems can handle the expected traffic. Can your website and payment gateway remain working despite many people trying to access it? Can your employees handle multiple tasks at the same time?

Using a holiday customer’s perspective, find which part of the entire purchasing journey takes the most time and try to find a way to streamline it.

If you’re looking for ways to streamline your team’s workflows, consider using automation tools and project management software to lessen repetitive tasks, improve responsiveness to clients, and advocate for better collaboration between each employee.

Automation can also help your people save time, which could be redirected to more critical tasks and activities necessary for successful customer service and product creation.


3. Set Realistic Expectations

A crucial factor in effective team management is transparency and honesty regarding your employee expectations. Since the holiday rush includes more significant expectations and shorter amounts of time to accomplish them, it can become quite a stressful experience for professionals if they also need to tiptoe around you or are unsure of their responsibilities.

Even before the fourth quarter arrives, have an earnest conversation with your people. Explain your general expectations for your team members. At the same time, be honest about what they might experience during the rush.

Open their minds to possible challenges and encourage them to partake in open dialogue about workload and their individual working capacity. Encourage communication focused on asking for help and things to do when faced with issues during the festive season.

By ensuring you have managed your people’s expectations effectively, you can reduce employee stress, improve employee productivity, and increase work efficiency. These may even lead to better employee retention rates all throughout the following year.

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Ways to Exceed Client and Candidate Expectations as a Company Leader 

Aside from customer service and customer support, it’s your responsibility as a company leader to exceed your team’s expectations as well. Aim to create a good relationship between your company and your clients while maintaining a good partnership between you and your people. During the season of festivities, you can accomplish those feats by doing the following:


Ensure Appropriate Resources to Meet Holiday Demands

Client’s Perspective: Proper resource allocations allow customers to purchase the product or service they want without hassle. It also allows prompt delivery, support, and responses despite the number of people using the same services.

Employee’s Perspective: Wise resource allocation ensures your teams have the proper staffing levels. This prevents them from needing to take on responsibilities that weren’t initially theirs and instead focus on providing the services they were meant to provide.


Offer Tailored Holiday Promotions and Benefits

Client’s Perspective: Offering tailored promotions to your loyal customers makes you stand out among your other competitors. It also shows your appreciation for their continued support.

For example, consider a retail business customizing exclusive discounts for repeat customers during the holiday season. This personal touch not only differentiates them but also strengthens customer loyalty.

Employee’s Perspective: By giving your people holiday benefits that they can take advantage of, you show appreciation for their service and dedication to your company.

Employees who receive holiday bonuses or flexible work hours during busy times often feel valued, fostering a positive work environment.


Guarantee Prompt Responses

Client’s Perspective: During such a busy time, answering promptly to questions and requests from clients demonstrates professionalism while also fostering their trust, loyalty, and confidence in your brand.

Employee’s Perspective: Your behavior sets the tone for all of the teams you manage. If you want your people to be dedicated to offering excellent quality service, you need to show the same level of dedication in managing and supporting them. The best way to lead in this situation is to lead by example.



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1 Venes-Escaffi, Grace. “CTA Previews the Hottest Tech Gifts of 2022.” Consumer Technology Association, 27 Oct. 2022, www.cta.tech/Resources/Newsroom/Media-Releases/2022/October/CTA-Previews-the-Hottest-Tech-Gifts-of-2022.

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