Working Effectively With a Recruiter Part II: Interview Time!

Recruiters are, by nature, harvesters of information. They gather information on companies, hiring managers, candidates, and regional employment outlook to enhance their professional effectiveness. As a candidate approaching the interview process, this aspect of a recruiter’s professional life is extremely valuable. Your friendly neighborhood staffing professional should be able to provide significant amounts of UNIQUE […]

Working Effectively With a Recruiter: First Conversation of Substance

I have been a recruiter in staffing for roughly 5 years now. One thing that I have learned through time is that transparency and full disclosure is paramount not only from the perspective of the recruiter, but also the candidate. For whatever reason, there are many job seekers (passive and active) out there that step […]

How-To Guide on Coping/Becoming Friends with a Long Commute

Ah, the joys of sitting in traffic, riding the brakes and worrying if you’ll make it to work on time… I have been a working professional for the past 6 years and, until recently, I have never had a commute less than 45 minutes long. Please don’t take this as me complaining. I’ve heard horror […]