10 Things You Do At Work If You’re Awkward

10 Things You Do At Work If You’re Awkward

awkward businessmanIf you work in an office you know that every work environment has its own cast of characters. Everyone has awkward moments, some just more regularly than others.

Here are 10 things you do at work if you’re awkward.

1. Wave before giving a presentation

awkward wave

Or when meeting someone new…either way.

2. Run out of small talk in 10 seconds

small talk

3. Trip over nothing

trip over nothing

Who put that there?!

4. End conversations appropriately

ending a convo

5. Eat lunch at your desk, and love it


6. Always leave a great first impression

awkward first impression

7. Hate talking on the phone

phone awkward

8. Show up to networking events like…


9. You’re awesome at receiving praise


“Great job!” – Boss

10. Have accepted your awkwardness and wear it as a badge of honor