The Importance of Career Pathing for Millennials

The Importance of Career Pathing for Millennials

Millennials are the largest generation in the modern workplace, and carry different characteristics than previous generations are used to. They are looking for opportunities in their new positions to grow and climb the ladder as fast as possible. They want to know what they need to be doing now to get to where they want to be, and enjoy the occasional pat on the back as recognition for their hard work. This generation is used to working as hard as they can in order to move onto the next thing, be it high school to college, college to grad school or grad school to their first job. They have had much of their adolescent life mapped out for them, and expect no different in their professional lives.

Some millennials will not be so bold as to ask how to advance in the business during the onboarding process, but many will be thinking about it. You should create a clear career path for your new hires within their first week with your company. You want to make sure they know that it is possible to advance in your organization and that they will have to work hard in order to do so.

In order for millennials to do well within your organization, you must tell them what they’re doing right AND wrong. These young professionals are willing to work hard in the position they are in and they will not perform their best if they don’t feel like they are learning and continuing to grow. Constructive criticism will allow those who are willing to work hard to advance within your company.

While career pathing will help your employees to see the bigger picture, your department must provide the proper training to prepare them for each step within your organization.

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