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Halloween Horror Stories at Work

Anyone who has worked long enough has either seen or heard their fair share of workplace horror stories. With Halloween just two days away I decided to interview some coworkers for some of their best (or worst) tales from the workplace past and present. Read on, if you DARE!

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Flexible Workplace Scheduling: Taking Back Control of Our Well-Being

In my work as a talent development professional, I interview many people of all ages and backgrounds, but there is one question that comes up in every interview: are there flexible scheduling opportunities? Last year, a large-scale survey of U.S. companies estimated that approximately 45% of businesses with more than 50 employees offer some type […]

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A New Energy: Why Office Renovations are Advantageous

If you’re anything like me, a married female homeowner in your 30s, you may spend lots of time watching home and garden improvement shows.  It drives my husband insane, but I am slightly obsessed with watching houses turn from outdated or even uninhabitable to the best house on the block.  It’s amazing how sometimes small […]

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Who Let the Dogs In!?

The benefits of a dog-friendly work environment. Work can be stressful, and dogs, well dogs are the absolute best. The ever growing trend of bringing your dogs to the workplace is certainly embraced here at DAVIS.  We are a full servicing staffing agency that also doubles as a kennel. I kid, but a few Fridays […]

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