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New Year’s Resolutions for Students Entering the Workforce

Everyone starts the new year off with all different kinds of resolutions:  to get in shape, to find a new job, to buy a new house. A lot of the time these goals seem attainable at first, but by January 31st they seem almost impossible. For students looking for internships or entry level positions this […]

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LinkedIn Advice for College Students

It’s hard to deny that internships are important for succeeding after the bubble of “college life” pops and you need to find a job after graduation. Planning ahead and getting work experience is the best way to avoid the dreaded question, “So what do you want to do with your life?” One way to start […]

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DAVIS: Through the Eyes of an Intern

Allow me to reintroduce myself: my name is Sara Pion and I am the summer intern for DAVIS this year. I know what you are thinking but no, reintroduce is not a typo; I have been involved in the DAVIS culture since I was born. My mother has worked at this company for longer than […]

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Prepping for the Summer Intern

You got approval to hire a summer intern! Yeah! Someone to do all the stuff you and your team haven’t been able to get to for months, right? WRONG! A summer intern is there to help, yes, but they are also there to learn, ask questions and have a true work experience –  not just […]

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