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Unlock the Key to Attracting, Engaging & Retaining Top Talent

Everything You Need to Win the War on Talent and Take Your Company to the Next Level It’s no secret that businesses everywhere are facing a skill shortage…especially in the skilled trades. A talent survey by Manpower showed 35% of over 38,000 employers worldwide report they are experiencing difficulty filling jobs due to lack of […]

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The Crazy Life of a Recruiter

Do you ever wonder what a recruiter does all day long?  If so, I’m going to fill you in on some of the day-to-day ins and outs in the life of a recruiter. Recruiters are driven by getting a job opening filled.  But it’s not quite as simple as finding a candidate and putting them […]

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4 Best Practices for Attending the Company Holiday Party

December is officially upon us!  That means that holiday parties are abounding, and the alcohol will be flowing generously from the bar.   If you are lucky enough to work at a company that hosts a holiday party, then let me share my thoughts on how to behave at that party.  At DAVIS, our annual holiday […]

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3 Tips to Make You a Better HR Professional

The industry of HR and staffing is a lot like the professional sporting arena. There are a lot of players but only some make it onto the field. Only a handful of players truly excel at their chosen path. So, in a sea of staffing professionals, how do you set yourself apart from your competition?

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Working with OSHA: The Temporary Worker Safety Alliance

Earlier this year, on May 21st, the American Staffing Association and OSHA joined forced in the Temporary Worker Safety Alliance. The mission was simple; improve safety for temporary workers across the country and across all industries.  Dr. David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health spearheads the initiative.  No doubt about it, […]

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